FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia"
Leading Research Institute in the field of marine geology

Department of the Geological mapping

Gusev Evgeny
Gusev Evgeny

Deputy Director General (Geological mapping)

PhD in Geology and Mineralogy

The Department of Geological Mapping of FSBI "VNIIOkeangeologia" performs scientific and methodological guidance for the creation of the State Geological Map at the scale 1: 1 000 000 of the continental shelf of Russia as well as sheets of the State Geological Map on a scale 1: 200 000, that cover the island and continental land and water area. The department is responsible for the geological survey of the shelf and instructional documents for the implementation of the GSS and the creation of the sheets of the State Geological Map. The modern set of the State Geological Shelf Map is a computer information and analytical system in GIS technology - a bank of fundamental geological and geophysical information for each sheet of the international sheet numbering. In recent years the sheets of the State Geological Map on a scale of 1: 1 000 000, included in the Laptev-Siberia and Chukchi marine areas series of sheets of the State Geological Map-1000/3 (Laptev Sea, East Siberian, Chukchi): T-49-52 , T-53-56, T-57-60, S-55.56, S-57.58, S-59.60, S-1.2, R-1.2; sheets included in the Ocean serial legend (Arctic Ocean): U-53-56, U-57-60, U-1,2, T-1,2; sheets of the Far Eastern series of sheets (Sea of ​​Japan): K-52.53, N-54, and sheets of the Koryak-Kuril series O-57 and O-58 are compiled and prepared for publication by the department of geological mapping. The department members participate regularly in field research under the GSS program, as well as in the framework of international research projects.

Main scientific achievements​

By now sheets of the State Geological College-1000 of the second and third generations have been issued for almost the entire Arctic shelf of Russia. Serial legends, that cover the water area of ​​the seas of Russia, have been developed and updated. FSBI “VNIIOkeangeologia” carried out into practice scientific and methodological guidance and support for the preparation of sheets. The results of work on geological mapping of the continental shelf are reflected in numerous scientific publications.

Technical support

​The department is provided with computer equipment and means of printing maps and schemes of various scales. There is equipment for field work - dredger, hydrostatic soil pipe 10 m long, a drilling complex for shallow drilling in shallow water, from non-drilling vessels.


The prospects of geological mapping of the water area relate, above all, to the under-explored shelf of the East Arctic seas, and also to the Eurasian continental margin in the area of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. Airborne geophysical studies should be provided with sheets with geophysical data GK-1000/3. It is necessary to conduct marine geological surveys on the East Arctic shelf at least as the additional exploration.